Hello. We are Final Form.

A electro/indie/pop/rock band from South East London.

Formed in 2012 via eclectic musical tastes, a mutual love of a mellifluous hook, and a passion for great live sets. Our music combines lead vocals and backing harmonies with a tight rock band feel, interspliced with samples, synths and effects which combine to make a sound that will appeal to lovers of pop, indie, rock, electro and dance.

In live music, one of our bugbears is the sound heard on a record can completely disappear when represented on stage. We’ve crafted our live set up so that isn’t the case: a complicated array for synths, laptops, cables and instruments means the FF sound remains, even on stage.

The band consists of 5 members: James (Vocals, Synths, Guitar), Jack (Synths, Guitar, Sampler + Laptop), Robin (Bass), Steph (Drums) and Drew (Lead Guitar).

So much more to come.

This blog will not be the usual PR spiel and quirky reviews ( well it will have a bit of that) but also the trials and tribulations of what it actually takes to get a musical act ( not associated with a reality TV show) to get off the ground.

Heres to 2013.


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